Corona Poem

Corona Corona Corona Sneaks into your house at night Looking for someone to fight The virus thinks it is right It is already to bite Corona Corona Corona – Anonymous

Toward a paradigm shift in treatment and research of mental disorders

Leichsenring Steinert Ioannidis 2019.

Where is The Evidence for “Evidence Based Therapy”?

Doctor Decoded: Psychiatrist vs. Psychologist

Emotional Equations

Stages of Grief

What College Admissions Scandal Reveals



I Wanna Get Better

The Bleacher’s “I wanna get better” is first and foremost a great song.  It inspires hope while avoiding trite platitudes – that was what initially grabbed my attention.  Intrigued, I looked up the music video and was titillated to see that the song was about psychotherapy.  I had mused as much –  after all, that’s my job and the themes seemed relevant. I was blown away by the creative, connected feel the video elicits.  I have wondered, myself, about a common refrain that either I hear or that I want to hear from my patients…. Something like the refrain “I wanna get better.” I can’t say that’s the resounding refrain in my office – maybe more like, ‘I’d like to…
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Ecstasy as a Remedy for PTSD?

There are probably 14 reasons to cancel this show but let’s find the silver lining.  Suicide among young people is on the rise, I have seen this personally in my practice and the epidemiology confirms the clinical observation.  So it’s certainly a relevant and timely  topic for young people.  Sometimes art leads us to new levels of clinical understanding or awareness – until then here’s a toolkit to help.