About Doctor Krasner

I am a Board Certified Child and Adolescent and Adult psychiatrist specializing in the treatment of adults, children, adolescents, and families.

I offer diagnostic consultations, ongoing psychotherapy, and psychopharmacological management for a variety of psychiatric symptoms and diagnoses.

I have expertise in addressing mental health concerns in schools and in providing professional development for teachers and school districts.

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Aaron Krasner



  • We consulted with you a couple of years ago regarding our son. You recommended residential treatment. You were right on target and he is thriving now after completing that. He is at a therapeutic boarding school, has a 4.0 and is applying to colleges. We are so thrilled. I wanted to reach out and thank you for your honesty and helpful recommendations.

  • We are extraordinarily grateful for the work you and your team have done to help diagnose and treat our daughter's complex medical and psychological issues. My heart is full seeing her use the skills she has learned to manage her issues.

  • The program was fantastic and has done wonders for our daughter. You are one of the points of light during her journey and I want to again thank you for everything you've done for her.

  • Our daughter was a patient of yours a few years ago and I want you to know that we appreciate the good advice we got from you, and that your assessment was on target.

  • There are just no words to express the deep gratitude I have for the time, commitment, and generosity you gave to your work with our daughter and our family.


Professional Affiliations

American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry AMA American Psychiatric Association Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry Yale University Adolescent Psychiatry