History of Psychiatry

The Group for Advancement of Psychiatry (GAP) Committee on Arts and Humanities has been producing videos about the History of Psychiatry https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOoQmpUCfipRamQnFUrQb6g Topics Include History of Psychiatry – Ancient Origins History of Psychiatry–19th Century Roads to Psychiatric Careers Asylums to Community Care Psychiatry and Homosexuality

Corona Poem

Corona Corona Corona Sneaks into your house at night Looking for someone to fight The virus thinks it is right It is already to bite Corona Corona Corona – Anonymous

Toward a paradigm shift in treatment and research of mental disorders

Leichsenring Steinert Ioannidis 2019.

Where is The Evidence for “Evidence Based Therapy”?


Doctor Decoded: Psychiatrist vs. Psychologist


Emotional Equations

Stages of Grief

What College Admissions Scandal Reveals




I Wanna Get Better

The Bleacher’s “I wanna get better” is first and foremost a great song.  It inspires hope while avoiding trite platitudes – that was what initially grabbed my attention.  Intrigued, I looked up the music video and was titillated to see that the song was about psychotherapy.  I had mused as much –  after all, that’s my job and the themes seemed relevant. I was blown away by the creative, connected feel the video elicits.  I have wondered, myself, about a common refrain that either I hear or that I want to hear from my patients…. Something like the refrain “I wanna get better.” I can’t say that’s the resounding refrain in my office – maybe more like, ‘I’d like to…
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