The New York Times loves psychiatry

… which of course is great and the articles they publish are mostly incredibly well thought out and cogent. But sometimes even cogent articles raise questions in patients’ minds… which is good, but perhaps unsettling. Best, I would think, to raise these questions with your therapists, psychiatrists etc straight away – not necessarily as a test to make sure your therapist or doctor is apprised of what’s going on in the NYT — but more to feel that any unanswered questions or unsettled feelings get addressed, because unspoken concerns in psychotherapies and psychiatric treatments can impact them deeply.

Early detection of psychopathy> Powerful story I spend a lot of time with young people, and sometimes I wonder… can we teach empathy??

The schedule book

Never did I think that I would come to depend on my schedule book like I do now – I feel anxious without it. I tried programming everything into the phone — not the same. I need to see it and hold it to feel like I am controlling my time but it’s an illusion, I think. “… best made plans” — but still, I love trying to order my time and plan my days. I feel A little more effective.

Long hours

It seems like it should be easier, feeling whole – feeling sane – feeling better. But it slips away time and again Leaves you feeling like even though you’ve put in the long hours There are many more to go.